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The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club’s levels of Membership are:

Active Members – Persons who support the purposes and projects of the club are required to:

  • Attend at least five of the ten meetings a year
  • Pay annual dues of $25
  • Serve on Committees of their choice
  • Work a shift on the Garden Walk
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours on the Holiday Greens Market
  • Serve on planting and watering teams in the summer for the library and/or downtown planters
  • Prepare lunch once or twice a year for club meetings

Member Application form

Associate Members - (restricted to members in good standing who have been in the club for over 10 years)

  • Attend at least two of the ten regular meetings
  • No longer vote or hold office
  • Pay annual dues of $35

Honorary Members – A person who has rendered notable service to the club. An Honorary member shall have all the privileges except for voting and holding office but none of the obligations of membership of the club – no dues.

Blooms - Persons interested in civic, educational and horticulture aspects of the club but cannot always participate in all club activities. Blooms are invited to:

  • Help with all activities of the club
  • Pay annual dues of $10
  • Attend the Club picnic

Blooms Application form

Buds – A husband, partner, or friend who helps with club Projects and Events

How to Become a Member - Email your interest to [email protected]. Your inquiry and contact information will be directed to the Membership Chair.

Michigan Division

Summer 2020