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Mini Grants for Teachers

The club has provided over $7,000 to Clarkston Community School teachers for environmental education projects that match the science curriculum.  The mini grant projects are aimed at further enhancing student learning.

Teachers apply for a mini grant in September/October of each year, and grant award winners are notified in  November. 

Examples of past grants that have been awarded include a digital microscope for the high school environmental classes, materials for bottle gardening, solar powered cell phone chargers, outdoor education speaker for students and staff on the importance of outdoor education, and school gardens.

Updates on ECC Outdoor Classroom project

2019-2020 Mini-Grant application

Mini-Grant Budget application 

Last year's grants went to the following schools and their teachers' projects:  

/ Project
Bailey Lake Elementary
Recycled Cap/Lid Garden Mural – 4th grade
Renaissance High School
Connecting Big Kids/Little Kids in Nature – 9th- 12th grades
Clarkston High School
Mini Garden Project (Special Ed. Students)
Bailey Lake Elementary
Living Lifecycles 1st Grade
Bailey Lake Elementary
Bulldog Hoop House 1st Grade
Independence Elementary
The Hopefull Hoophouse/Farm to School
Bailey Lake Elementary
My Chia Pet 2nd Grade Art
Pine Knob Elementary
Fresh Start Kdg – 5th Grade
Early Childhood
Outdoor Classroom/Plant & Animal Study – Young 5s
Springfield Plains Elementary
How Plants Grow & Develop Over Time 2nd Grade
Andersonville Elementary
Garden Club w
Clarkston Jr. High
Recycling Plastic Injection Machine – 8th Grade