Library Gardens

The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club creates and provides the care for Clarkston Independence District Library gardens during the summer months. Members design the beds, purchase and plant the flowers and shrubs, arrange for mulch to be spread and water the gardens all summer.

Four of the gardens represent classic children’s books. Every year, club members “March Into Reading” with Clarkston Schools’ 2nd grade students by reading and discussing one of these classics:

The Tale of Peter Rabbit garden, a vegetable garden, is to the left of the entrance to the library. Children leave mail in Mr. McGregor’s mailbox for Peter or Mr. McGregor.

The Secret Garden consists of a butterfly bench tucked back under a tree surrounded by potted plants planted and cared for by garden club members.

The Frog Prince fountain is to the right of the library entrance and spouts water into a rock-filled pond.

Hidden among the bushes and flowers, is a sculpture of a tree stump to remind visitors of the book Giving Tree.

In celebration of the garden club’s 60th Anniversary in 2008, the Jubilee Garden was donated and planted on the Clarkston Road side of the library.

Designed to represent the diamond anniversary of The Clarkston Farm and Garden Club, the sculpture of budding seeds, created by a Center for Creative Arts student , is surrounded by hydrangeas, boxwood hedges and white carpet roses with Cleveland pear trees completing a diamond shape. Benches for sitting and enjoying the lovely garden with quotes at the base of the sculpture give the visitor ideas to ponder about libraries and gardens.